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Beyond Marketing. Your message is being ignored. The collective public has learned to tune out advertising. You need a new way to reach your audience. You need to be where your audience is.

We go there
Heavy Industries Phase 02 Promo

Heavy Industries: Phase02 Promo CD

Innercity Basketball Project Event Invitation

Innercity Basketball Project: Event Invitation

Go beyond marketing with Carport Nineteen.

We believe marketing goes beyond mailers. Marketing goes beyond brochures. Marketing goes beyond simply putting a site up on the web and letting it sit there. We get involved with the product and use our innovative promotion techniques to put your products in the hands that want them most. We won’t waste your time and money with outdated mass marketing techniques that blindly hope to attract customers. We’ll identify your customers first, and use our creative powers to excite them into action.

When Heavy Industries needed a way to get their label’s bands heard we stepped to the plate. We created a demo CD and then took Detroit’s largest party by storm. During the weekend of the electronic music festival we passed out copies all over town from the festival itself, to the mainstream venues, and all the way to the underground parties where the people live and sleep the music. The mission was a total success.

So if you need a custom solution to grow your market, look no further. We’ll go to work and find those that are looking for you.


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Change your identity. In the marketplace you only get one chance to make an impression.
You need to scream if you want success.


Danny the Proffesional Auto Tech

Daniel: The Professional Auto-Tech Business card.

Carport19 Business Card

Carport Nineteen Design Business Card

Scream Silently.

You know that feeling you get when somebody has something nicer than you? It’s called envy, but don’t worry your competitors will get over it eventually. You’ll be too busy turning heads with your new Carport Nineteen identity to notice. With your stylish new logo set, full color business cards, envelopes and letterhead. The perception of your business will finally match all the hard work you put into it.

We don’t use templates and we don’t use stock art. Your identity will be manufactured fresh for you and is guaranteed to be one hundred percent custom tailored to your business needs. Unlike those other guys who hide behind their website Carport Nineteen will meet with you personally or via telephone to discuss your business image.

Your Identity doesn’t end with a logo and some stationary. You need consistent style throughout all your company’s documents and we can help there too. Your new custom made style guide will lay down the rules and ensure future designers (not that you’ll need them) stay consistent with your new image.


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It's all about Image. Your world is a story in photographs. Photographs help you remember. Long after the words are gone the photo remains.
Carport Nineteen does Image editing.

Carport Nineteen specializes in digital photo manipulation, effects, editing, retouch and restore. Whether you are an individual, photographer, photography studio, or other business with photo editing needs we can help. We will bring your photos to life.

The World is Interactive. We learn through interaction. We are entertained through interaction. When we are entertained we forget we are learning and absorb information on a deeper level.
Innercity Basketball WebsiteInDetroit website

From stunning CSS website design to interactive games and dynamically updatable flash content we can do it all. We will work with you step by step to develop your online presence from concept to reality.

We can also build offline interactive material as well. From customized training materials, electronic quizzes, video and photo slideshows, or even that killer presentation you need to win your client over.

Carport19 Flash Projects

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