Additional Flash Projects


Lightweight MP3 player with XML Driven playlist.


Flash based news feed keeps your website visitors informed on your latest events, promotions. Easy to use web interface allows your designer or writer to update content with no flash, html, or xml knowledge.


Real estate market similation game. Buy and sell houses, fix them up, and rent them out.


XML driven image viewer. Add images to the slideshow in seconds, images are animated and masked using actionscript and displayed in the sleek player.

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Endzone: Flash Football Game

You are an elite NFL runningback, time to show your skills and go solo on the field against a probowl defense. Outrun the opposition and score as many touchdowns as you can. If you get tackled or go out of bounds you'll amass a down. If you don't score on 4th down its game over for you. See if you can unlock special bonuses for scoring consecutive touchdowns and go for the highscore in 3 fun modes.

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Thanks to these freesound.org users for some sounds.

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