Baron: Adventures in Capitalism


Select a starting city. You will then be able to browse available houses and condos in that city. Click on any property to see its details.

Here you can see the property rating and get a good idea of the properties condition.

Green = Excellent Condition

Blue = Great Condition

Yellow = Decent Condition

Orange = Poor Condition

Red = Serious Problems

If you want to make an offer type in offer and hit make offer. You'll be taken into negotiations. Here you can haggle the price down to something more reasonable, but only if the home owner is willing to negotiate.

Once you're ready to buy, click buy now and then you'll be able to set your loan information and make the purchase.

Once you own a property you can fix it up, rent it, or sell it. End your turn to advance time a month. You won't find any renters or buyers until you end turn.


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