Additional Flash Projects


Flash based news feed keeps your website visitors informed on your latest events, promotions. Easy to use web interface allows your designer or writer to update content with no flash, html, or xml knowledge.


Flash football game. Go solo against an elite defensive core and see how many touchdowns you can score!


Real estate market similation game. Buy and sell houses, fix them up, and rent them out.


XML driven image viewer. Add images to the slideshow in seconds, images are animated and masked using actionscript and displayed in the sleek player.

Miniplayer. You want a headache free music player for your site. You want miniplayer. You're welcome.


Miniplayer is a dynamic flash mp3 player application we are distributing freely. If you are a web designer or developer you can embed miniplayer in your webpage easily to give your users a music experience when they come to your website.

Download Here


Dynamic: Uses XML file for playlist so playlist can be changed with no knowledge of flash.
Lightweight: 40k for player and xml.
Volume Control


Add the swf to your page and make sure the XML file and mp3s are in the same folder as the webpage. Open the XML file in any text editor and follow the simple instructions to link your MP3s. Upload to your server and thats it. Now visitors to your site can easily listen to your music files. If you want to change your playlist in the future its as easy as adding the new tracks to the XML file.

If your using miniplayer please send us a link to your site so we can check it out.

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